Referral dental procedures done in your hospital

In this environment of increasing expectations of dental care, many practices are finding that their level of dental expertise is not up to the demands of the current caseload. In addition, newer grad vets are lacking the training and experience to take on complex extractions and are quick to refer. Many of these cases could be treated by a general practitioner, with expertise and experience, in your hospital, with your team. In addition, your schedule is freed up from the “surprises” that dentals can bring. When Dr. Mulder comes to your practice, you are able to continue your day to day services without having to block off time for unexpected extractions or complications.

Dr. Thomas Mulder is a general practitioner with a special interest in veterinary dentistry. While not board certified, he is a dental enthusiast with 27 years experience in private practice. He has developed a knowledge base and competency in assessing potential extractions and performing a wide range of dental surgery. Procedures beyond his scope will need to be referred to a board certified veterinary dentist. Examples of these are: endodontics, neoplasia, orthodontics, high anesthetic risk patients, crown reduction procedures and dentigerous cysts.

Benefits to your pets, your clients and your practice