There are several things you can do but the 3 things I advise are teeth brushing, water additives and special dental diets. Some have advocated for treats or supplements that are formulated with everything from seaweed to heavy metal salts with a goal of preventing the calculus accumulation. I believe that if you are able to keep the gingivitis from getting started, you will not have to deal with the severe accumulation of calculus. Not only that, it is the infection from the gum disease that is the major health concern, not the cosmetics of having white teeth! Imagine what your mouth would be like if you never brushed your teeth. Worse yet, imagine your partner’s mouth if they never brushed their teeth. Not really the most romantic imagery!  Not only is the bad breath repulsive, that smell is coming from rotting gum tissue and nasty bacterial infection. When these bacteria get into the bloodstream, they can cause problems ranging from strokes, immune system issues and infections in remote parts of the body. In addition, when that gum infection progresses to the point of having loose teeth, it can be quite painful when chewing. All of this so readily prevented. Check out the products that we sell to help you in your battle for the breath below.

Products Dr. Mulder makes available to keep your pet's mouth healthy and the breath fresh!